Youth Activity Calendar

Cuppa Joe with JC:

There are many ways in which we minister to the youth of our community. We have Young Disciples (Kindergarten-Grade 6) and Unite (Grade 7-9) who meet here every Wednesday, as well as Veritas (Grade 10-12) who meets here every Sunday after our 7:00 P.M. Youth Mass. We also have many other initiatives to help enrich the faith life of our youth. We have a parish community that is committed to our youth in many ways, shapes and forms. OLPH Parish is devoted to the mentoring and encouraging of our youth as they navigate the way to adulthood and in return we as a community are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by our youth. To find out more or to participate in these activities please contact Tricia Murphy at 780-467-5470 or 

To see more information about our many youth initiatives, follow the links below.