Couples planning to be married are encouraged to contact the parish office as soon as they become engaged. Preparation is a pre-requisite for all couples seeking marriage in the Catholic Church. We arrange marriage preparation sessions where teams of married couples, your priests, and the parish faith community work together to offer our prayerful support.

Engaged Couples, register now for ONLINE MARRIAGE PREPARATION in 2021!

Includes a Virtual Weekend Course. Choose:

February 5-7, 2021 OR April 23-25, 2021

 $150 registration fee includes all course materials.  Register ASAP by Email:


If you have any questions about the following topics please contact the Parish Office at 780-467-5470 or email

Wedding Rehearsals: Our rehearsal coordinators assist couples with the rehearsal for their wedding ceremony. Rehearsals are scheduled on a first come basis.

Annulments: If you are divorced and wish to make inquiries regarding the annulment process, please contact the Parish Office at 780-467-5470 or email

Anniversary Blessings: Contact the parish office at 780-467-5470 or email