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2021 Confirmation Class Selection

A person is welcomed into the Catholic Church through the three Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism makes you a member of the Church, the Eucharist feeds and strengthens you, and Confirmation helps you to be a witness to your faith. At OLPH Confirmation is usually celebrated when a child is in Grade 6 or older.  Through this sacrament God pours out the Holy Spirit to strengthen us with His gifts and anoints us to be more like Christ

Our parish offers sacramental preparation, to support and encourage parents in their role as the first teachers and models of the faith. This includes classes for Parents (or sponsors) and Children to attend together at the church as well as scheduling dedicated study time together at home, prior to reception of the Sacraments. (Workbook and study materials included with your registration.) As with all Masses and other celebrations at this time, classes at the church will take place with all health-screening, social-distancing and other covid safety protocols in place.


Download and complete Edmonton Archdiocese registration form HERE. Download and complete your selections for class dates/times at OLPH HERE. Please type or print CLEARLY.

Submit completed forms to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish by email ( ) or drop off in person at the parish office (open daily 7:30 am – 7:30 pm) Please include a copy of your child’s BAPTISM CERTIFICATE (required) and your $20 registration fee. Workbooks for home study can be picked up at the Parish Office at time of registration or during regular hours.

Registration fee may be paid by one of the following methods:

□ Paid $20 Cheque #______    □ Paid $20 Cash     □ Paid $20 Debit/Credit Card at the office

□ Paid $20 Interac (include your child’s name and which sacrament in the msg. section)

Accompanied by a Parent or Sponsor, Child will attend 5 preparation classes (1/month January – May) at the church.

Choose 1 class to attend for EACH monthly lesson:

Lesson 1 ~ Jesus & Me

 Saturday Jan. 16, 8:30am-10:15 am

 Monday Jan. 18, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Wednesday Jan. 20, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

Lesson 2 ~ Initiation

 Saturday Feb. 20, 8:30am-10:15 am

 Monday Feb. 22, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Wednesday Feb. 24, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

Lesson 3 ~ Reconcilation

 Monday March 15, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Wednesday March 17, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Saturday March 20, 8:30am-10:15 am

Lesson 4 ~ Discipleship

 Monday April 12, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Wednesday April 14, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Saturday April 17, 8:30am-10:15 am

Lesson 5 ~ Be Sealed with the Spirit

 Wednesday May 12, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

 Saturday May 15, 8:30am-10:15 am

 Monday May 17, 6:15pm-8:00 pm

Confirmation Mass Celebrations will be held week of Pentecost 2021:

  Saturday May 22 at 11:00 am

 Saturday May 22 at 2:00 pm

 Sunday May 23 at 7:00 pm

 Monday May 24 at 6:15 pm

Any questions contact Natalie Lavigne at 780-467-5470 or email