-using the ancient craft of knitting to bring God’s love to others-

In September 2006, the Catholic Women’s League of Our Lady of Perpetual Help instituted the parish’s prayer shawl ministry. CWL members and participating OLPH parishioners knit a special pattern, beginning each shawl with a prayer and blessing for the one who will receive the shawl. These intentions are continued through the whole creation of the prayer shawl. Once completed, a prayer card is attached to let the recipient know the shawl was lovingly made for them in their time of need. The prayer shawls are all blessed by a parish priest.

Prayer shawls are available for anyone from the parish or elsewhere who is in need of the comfort a prayer shawl brings.

There is a book in the Sacristy where the prayer shawls are kept. Please note the date, your name, and the general purpose for which the recipient will appreciate the prayer shawl.

For further information on the prayer shawl ministry, contact co-ordinator Pauline M. at


Prayer Shawl Prayer

May this prayer shawl made for you with love be a mantle and sign of God’s healing presence.

May it warm you when you are weary.

May it surround you to ease your suffering.

May it encircle you with caring when you are in pain.

May it comfort you when you feel alone.

May it remind you of God’s abiding love.