For volunteer opportunities, visit the Liturgical Ministries and Social Justice pages, or call the parish office at 780-467-5470.

Called to Protect – Zoom Training Session

 We are resuming “Safe Environment and Abuse Prevention” training sessions, “Called to Protect” by zoom this month. 

This is a requirement for all volunteers in the Archdiocese 18 years and older.

 The first 2021Fall Called to Protect training Session for 2.5 hours is scheduled on Monday, Sept 13, 2021 starting 4:30 pm to 7 p.m. 

Please contact Lucy Kaakyo with the name of your parish by email at lkaakyo@caedm.ca for registration. 

A Zoom link, instructions and training material will be sent close to the date.

Volunteer Management Program

A number of years ago the Archdiocese of Edmonton implemented a Volunteer Management Program.  What does this mean for you?

  1. When you choose what area of the Parish you would like to volunteer in we will ask you to:
    a.  Fill out a Volunteer Application Form
    b. Sign a Covenant of Care Form
    c. Participate in a Called to Protect Workshop-a 2.5 hour presentation on safe and effective volunteering

If you are in a high risk ministry (one that involves working with a vulnerable group-children, seniors etc.) You will be asked to:

a.  Provide a Police Record Check-you can pick up a letter here at the Parish to take to the RCMP and there will be no cost to you
b. Complete a Vulnerable Person’s Check

Monique Lamoreaux-Veley is the Volunteer Management Coordinator.  You may contact the parish office at 780-467-5470 or info@olph.ca with any questions/concerns to be forwarded to the coordinator.
She will also have volunteer packages that contain all required information.


Called to Protect-Volunteer Management Process

Many of you have received Volunteer Management forms to fill out and others will be getting their packages in the next week or so. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive:

Q1: I already did a Criminal Records Check for another organization, why do I have to do another one for OLPH?

A1: The RCMP/EPS keep track of which organization requests a Criminal Records Check. For the Criminal Records Check to be recognized as being for OLPH, it must be completed for OLPH directly and it must be done once every four years.

Q2: I already attended Called to Protect [CTP] at another parish, why does my package say that I must attend again?

A2: The OLPH records do not search the database at other parishes – please inform us of where and when you attended the CTP and we will get the Archdiocese to pull those records and update the OLPH database accordingly. If they are unable to find the record, and you can’t supply us with a copy, then you will be required to attend CTP again.

Q3: Why do I need to get a Criminal Records Check? I only volunteer as an usher?

A3: Any volunteers in the Archdiocese of Edmonton that work with parishioners who could be vulnerable [under 18, seniors, disabled, suddenly ill or incapacitated etc.] or are in a position to have access to keys or confidential information are required to complete a Criminal Records Check.

If you have more questions you may find https://caedm.ca/CalledtoProtect helpful. This is the Archdiocesan site that explains the Volunteer Management Program.