Alpha: What do ALL Christians Believe

Learn the basics of Christian beliefs: Who is Jesus and why did He have to die? How should I pray? How do I read the Bible? How can I have faith? How does God guide us? And more! Whether you’re new to the Christian faith or just want to deepen your relationship with Jesus, Alpha is for you!

Join Alpha ONLINE again Fall 2020!

Are you craving an opportunity to gather with others and chat about life’s big questions? Try Alpha online.

This Spring our Alpha will use Zoom video conferencing to make new friends, watch an engaging video, and discuss. Alpha is for everyone; regular church attendees, those searching, and even atheists. Over the 10 sessions you will be amazed, like so many others, to see your faith come alive and change your life.

Come and see for yourself! Who will you invite?

We are working to make Alpha easy to access online and fun to attend with two options:

Tuesday evenings – 7:00 to 8:15 pm Starting April 28th


Thursday evenings – 7:15 to 8:30 pm Starting April 30th

To register, contact Billy Spindler; email: or phone: 780-467-1754