Parish Pastoral Council

  • Helps set the direction for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.
  • Coordinates communications and activities among all parish groups.
  • Meetings are held monthly and are open to all parishioners who may address the Council with proper permission of the Chairperson.
  • Each member-at-large serves a three-year term on a revolving basis so that a third of the members are appointed each year.
  • The various parish groups are under the umbrella of the Council. The groups are autonomous and set their own goals. Parish Pastoral Council members represent and act as liaisons between the groups and the Parish Council.
  • Please refer to the PPC Bulletin pull-down menu for the minutes of the Parish Pastoral Team Meetings.

For more detailed information about these or any other ministries, you may call the Parish Office, or you are welcome to pick up a complete Stewardship Directory, which includes contact names and telephone numbers, from the Parish Office. You can download a copy of the Stewardship Directory on the front page of our website.

What is a PPC?

Every October, our parish “installs” a new PPC at every Mass over a period of two to three weeks. Unless
you’ve served on this venerable body, you’ve probably asked: Who or what is a PPC? A quick Google of TM search reveals a myriad of possibilities:

  • Pay per click
  • Production possibility curve
  • Pollution prevention and control
  • Polyester powder coating
  • Pirate Party of Canada (really!), and more!

While the Pirate Party is intriguing(!), in the Roman Catholic Church, PPC stands for Parish Pastoral Council. In our parish, the PPC acts as an advisor to our pastor, Father Jim, in all matters relating to the well-being of the parish. We work to create a welcoming parish and to promote the work of all parish groups and ministries. We also take a leadership role in planning parish activities and events, like the annual parish picnic, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and other special occasions. In other words
YOUR PPC is here to serve YOU!

If you have questions or concerns that you would like brought forward to the pastor or parish team, please contact us by talking to a PPC member (see below) or contact the parish office at or 780-467-5470 and ask to leave a message for PPC. We will respond promptly!

As an added note – PPC Meetings are Public Meetings and you are always welcomed to attend. Meeting are 2nd Wednesday of the Month (except July and August) @ 7:00pm in the FKK Room at OLPH Parish. 

The 2018-2019 Parish Pastoral Council members are:

  • Fr. Jim Corrigan-Pastor
  • Fr. Sathia-Associate Pastor
  • Fr. Balraj-Associate Pastor
  • Greg Szott– Chair, Knight of Columbus
  • Helen Doyle – Secretary
  • Louise Siracky-Catholic Women’s League
  • Ron Ross – Finance Council Chair
  • Debbie Musch-Parish Team Representative
  • Ron Dick-Liturgy Council
  • Fiona Wimmer
  • Steven Tymko
  • Maureen Landry 
  • Rita Sandmier
  • Bridget Kenny