Youth ministry takes many forms and encompasses much more than groups of teens meeting at the Parish on a regular basis.  So, what do we have?

  1. Young Disciples and Junior Disciples-youth kindergarten to grade 9 meet each Wednesday here at the Parish for fun faith filled activities
  2. Brother Joe who spends a great deal of his time in our schools sharing and modeling the Word of God
  3. Children’s liturgy at each 10:30 Mass
  4. Youth ALPHA-a program offered at the high school for youth who want to learn more about being a Christian
  5. Vacation Bible Camp-each July with campers age 5-11 and many youth leaders
  6. Youth Choir and the Children’s Choir
  7. A healthy partnership between our Parish and our Catholic Schools-they attend events here and we attend events at the schools
  8. Countless volunteers in our community who work with our youth and model their faith on the football field, in the choir, the classroom, on the soccer field, in the pool, on the court
  9. The REAL Foundation some of whom are OLPH Parishioners who work to raise funds to enrich the faith life of the youth by sponsoring students to attend religious conference, recognizing in the form of scholarships those youth who exhibit Christian leadership and funding international speakers to inspire and encourage our youth.
  10. The All Saints Party, sponsored by the Young Disciples, for all OLPH youth and the Parish Picnic to promote the faith community.
  11. Communication between the high school and the Parish so that students who wish to complete religion service hours have an opportunity to volunteer here at the Parish to enrich their lives and the lives of parishioners.
  12. The Religion Home Program available to all youth who are not enrolled in our Catholic schools but still wish to enriched in their faith. This program is more than curriculum, it also offers youth the opportunity to gather throughout the year and enjoy fellowship
  13. Altar Servers-more than a vital component of our Sunday Liturgy it is also a group that enjoys fellowship throughout the year.
  14. Prayer bags and prayer slips prepared and shared with all of our graduating ABJ students.
  15. Visits to the classrooms of our schools to read, to present bibles, to attend faith events, to Meet the Staff nights, to Christmas concerts and much more
  16. Jam sessions with Brother Joe during lunch
  17. Four meetings a year with the administrators and religious leads of the Sherwood Park Catholic Schools to discuss ways to enrich the relationship between the Parish and the Schools
  18. Parish support for our World Youth Day Pilgrims who this year attended World Youth Day in Poland.
  19. Catholic Education Sunday which brings together our school and parish communities to worship and minister together
  20. Geomeer-an ABJ initiative that collects enough food to feed three or four families for six months.  Our social justice committee members work in conjunction with the students and the school to make this a successful project. The Parish and the High School will also be coming together for Easter Hampers

These are only some of the ways in which we minister to the youth of our community. We have a Youth Group who meets here every Wednesday and we have so many other initiatives that involve enriching the faith life of our youth. We have a parish community that is committed to our youth in many ways, shapes and forms. Olph Parish is devoted to the mentoring and encouraging of our youth as they navigate the way to adulthood and in return we as a community are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by our youth. To find out more or to participate in these activities please contact Raylene at 780-467-5470 or