Parish Census 2017

This past weekend we began our annual Parish census. A commonly asked question is “Why do I need to fill this out again!!” Well, the answer to that question is that a number of times throughout the year we try to contact a person for one reason or another, often around tax receipt time, only to hear “Oh yes I changed my email address or I don’t have my landline anymore or I moved-didn’t I let you know?” It is important to keep our records current and up to date. Please understand that under NO circumstances is your information shared with anyone outside of the parish office.

If you have not yet filled out a form you can find a link below. On the reverse side of this form are the ministries within our parish that you have an opportunity to become involved in. We urge you to take the time to discern how you would like to be a steward of the time, talents and treasures so graciously given to you by God. Thank you!

OLPH Census 2017 – Digital Version (003)


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