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Growing in Faith Together  (GiFT)

Welcome to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Website

We are a vibrant community of strong faith which welcomes, worships, works and celebrates life together in Jesus Christ. From our beginnings in 1958, to the present, OLPH has been blessed with wonderful leaders, with vision and tremendous dedication, and also with an active compassionate parish family of now over 14,000 strong.

OLPH is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada and has much to offer. We welcome your inquiries and hope you will join us.

We also serve St Francis of Assisi Parish in Tofield, AB
5523 50th St, Tofield, AB T0B 4J0

God Bless!

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Mission Statement:

A Roman Catholic Christian community. We come together at our Lord’s invitation to worship God, celebrate the sacraments, and deepen our faith.

We strive to be thankful, generous and welcoming, and are sent fort to help advance God’s Kingdom on earth by proclaiming the Gospel and serving others.

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe


Christ is Risen Alleluia, Alleluia.

My sisters and brothers we believe and celebrate that salvation came to us through the cross. Well, it is with a very saddened heart that I share with you, a cross that our parish team is presently carrying. Our beloved Pastoral Assistant, Raylene Yuzyk has submitted her resignation after ten years of beautiful faithful service to our Church, to our schools and to many of us individually. Raylene has been a mainstay in our parish sacramental program, particularly with First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. She has brought many children and many parents to the Lord through her beautiful and faithful presentation of the sacraments. Raylene has worked with heart-felt diligence in building and enhancing our parish relationship with our ten Catholic schools. She has been an exceptional advocate for parish/family/school collaborations. She has served faithfully on the REAL foundation always with our young people as her motivation. Raylene has always been the go to person in so many different areas of parish ministry.

Raylene, we give thanks to God for your faithful loving service in our parish community. We wish you, Frank, your children and grandchildren God’s continuous blessings in however it is you will continue to serve the Lord. On a personal note, I give thanks to God for your faithful support to me as I transitioned into this parish a year and half ago. You were the constant support I could always depend on. Thank you Raylene on behalf of our OLPH Team, parishioners and the many hearts you have touched. We thank you and we love you. God’s blessings of the Risen Lord Raylene to you and yours.

Love and prayers

Your OLPH Family

2018 Stewardship Report

Please click the link below to view the 2018 Stewardship Report for OLPH Parish. Blessings and thank you to all who so generously donated their time, talent and treasure to our parish community.

2018 Stewardship Report

Called to Protect-Volunteer Management Process

Many of you have received Volunteer Management forms to fill out and others will be getting their packages in the next week or so. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive:

Q1: I already did a Criminal Records Check for another organization, why do I have to do another one for OLPH?

A1: The RCMP/EPS keep track of which organization requests a Criminal Records Check. For the Criminal Records Check to be recognized as being for OLPH, it must be completed for OLPH directly and it must be done once every four years.

Q2: I already attended Called to Protect [CTP] at another parish, why does my package say that I must attend again?

A2: The OLPH records do not search the database at other parishes – please inform us of where and when you attended the CTP and we will get the Archdiocese to pull those records and update the OLPH database accordingly. If they are unable to find the record, and you can’t supply us with a copy, then you will be required to attend CTP again.

Q3: Why do I need to get a Criminal Records Check? I only volunteer as an usher?

A3: Any volunteers in the Archdiocese of Edmonton that work with parishioners who could be vulnerable [under 18, seniors, disabled, suddenly ill or incapacitated etc.] or are in a position to have access to keys or confidential information are required to complete a Criminal Records Check.

If you have more questions you may find helpful. This is the Archdiocesan site that explains the Volunteer Management Program.

Interested in Exploring Your Faith?
Please click the link below to see the GiFT Catalogue for Winter-Spring 2019
Let’s Grow in Our Faith Together

GiFT Catalogue Winter-Spring 2019

May 30-OLPH Devotion following 8:30am Mass
June 9-First Communion 8:30am Mass
June 9-Parish Picnic following 10:30am Mass
June 15-First Communion 5:00pm Mass
June 21-Parish Potluck 6:00pm
June 27-OLPH Feast Day

All Glory! Our beautiful new crucifix has arrived and is installed…praise be to God!


OLPH Parish extends a warm welcome to Father Sathia and Father Jojo. Father Sathia and Father Jojo join our parish community from India. Some of you may have noticed the letters behind the priests’ name. What do those mean? Those letters indicate the order that our priests belong to. Our diocesan priests, like Father Jim, do not have these letters.

Father Sathia belongs to the Salesian order as indicated by the letters SDB following his name. Father Jojo belongs to the Pallotine order as indicated by the letters SAC following his name.
If you would like to learn more about these orders please click on the link below.


Abuse in the Church-a Pastoral Response

Please click on the link below to see the guidelines put forth by the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops on Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Please click on the link below to see the Catholic Bishops of Alberta response to the child sex abuse scandal in the United States.

Alberta-NWT Catholic Bishops response to Pennsylvania abuse report (002)…


Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide:  The Catholic View

Thank you to everyone (approximately 500 parishioners and visitors)  who attended the evening on Monday, April 30.  A special thank you to our panel of Father Jim, Sister Zoe and Father Eamon for answering many questions and providing additional information for thought.  Thank you as well to everyone who provided baking for the hospitality afterwards – how generous you were and how plentiful was the feast!  God bless you all.

Many people asked how they could view the documentary The Euthanasia Deception.  It can be rented or purchased at or

The producers of The Euthanasia Deception, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, are releasing a new film on May 8 called Fatal Flaws. To watch the trailer or pre-order copies of the video, go to:  This is another very powerful film about the impact of assisted suicide laws on society.

More information is also available through the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition @